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  • Equipment for Coal Mines
    Equipment for Coal Mines 15.05.13

    Downunder Mining has developed equipment that can be used in underground coal mines.  Our new coal mining equipment range does not use exposed aluminium in their designs and therefore can be safely used in an underground enviroment. The new range is based on the new lightweight Boar Series Rockdrills, DT and PN Airlegs and DTS Stopers (Rising Feed units).Rockdrills are available in left and right hand rotation units. Contact us or Quarry Mining, Newcastle.

  • New Lightweight Boar Series Rockdrills
    New Lightweight Boar Series Rockdrills 15.05.13

    The Boar Series Rockdrills continue to evolve and are now amongst the lightest in their class.  Through new designs, materials, manufacturing and heat treatment processes we have managed to significantly reduce the weight of Boar Rockdrills without sacrificing drilling peformance. The new rockdrills are easier to handle and better balanced. Spares for the new lighter rockdrills are still compatible with older models.  The changes apply to all models and .

  • Right Hand Rotation Rockdrill
    Right Hand Rotation Rockdrill 15.05.13

    Due to great interest from numerous clients, the Boar Series of rockdrills is now available with right hand rotation.  All the variants, including rockdrills, sinkers and stopers can be delivered with this feature. Right hand rotation is the standard direction in many coal mines.  Also some types of ground support have to be rotated clockwise to engage. To support right hand rotation, virtually the entire front section of the rockdrill has to be replaced.